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Andreas Åkesson

Oslo, Norway
Preferred genres

Hypnotic Techno · Psychedelic Techno · Raw Techno · Deep Techno

Played at

Nothing here yet



Preffered performance time

+/-120 - 180 min

Falling in love with deep and hypnotic techno in the Norwegian forests at Monument Festival a couple of years back really ignited Andreas' passion for techno and DJing. He has since then played at events such as Fragments, Monument, Voidklub, clubs like The Villa, Ostara and Storgata 26, with most of the summers spent playing outdoors at several of Oslo's forest raves. What inspires and motivates him the most with music is the emotional journey — to slowly get totally lost in the dance until you forgot all about time and space. With a style characterized as abstract, eclectic, hypnotic, and free, you can expect a good dose of captivating and mind-bending techno, filled with organic rhythms and psychedelic bleeps. Andreas is the co-founder and content creator of the underground concept 'Fragments'.